Sunday, 13 May 2012

Vampire Diaries and New Girl Season Finales

Hello everyone!
This week I’m going to have to blog slightly differently, I just started a new job and didn’t finish work until 2am some nights so trying to fit in the time to watch New Girl and The Vampire Diaries has been a bit difficult to say the least!
First off was the season finale of New Girl and thankfully Nick changed his mind and decided to stay in the loft instead of moving in with Caroline, who hopefully we won’t be seeing again anytime soon. For a season finale I have to admit I was slightly disappointed, while it was nice to see the gang take a road trip and then camping in the desert, it wasn’t very exciting. Let’s hope season two is able to get back to the roots of season one that made me fall in love with the program in the first place.

Now for The Vampire Diaries which unlike New Girl was filled with some very unexpected twists and turns that highly lived up to expectations. Unfortunately this episode also left us with a lot of unanswered questions:
·         Is Tyler dead or has his soul just moved aside to let Klaus in?
·         Did Elena know that Meredith had given her some vampire blood?
·         Who did the blood originally belong to, Damon perhaps?
·         How will Elena feel about Damon once she becomes a vampire and remembers everything that he compelled her to forget including when they first met? Will it make her change her decision (I hope so!)
·         Has Elena really become a vampire or will Bonnie be able to stop it? (I really hope not).
·         Where is Katherine and how will the brothers be able to tell her and Elena apart now that Elena is possibly a vampire?
·         Do the brothers realise that Elena is still ‘alive’ or is the poor girl about to wake up alone in a mortuary somewhere? (Going by what she appears to be lying on in the final scene I’d say that she is in a mortuary).
I don’t know about you but even as I was watching Alaric die and Damon realising that Elena was dying too, or as Elena became motionless in the water, or even when Jeremy began talking to ghost Alaric I still didn’t believe that Elena was actually dead! I really didn’t think that the show was taking that direction until at least season four going into season five but I guess I was very wrong!

I remember seeing the poster that hinted at Elena being turned a few weeks ago but I just thought "there's no way they're going to go down that path yet, it will just be to get people excited for no reason!" It was maybe a smart move for the producers to make as I suppose it almost guarantees the show a fifth and sets the storyline for season four, I just really didn’t expect it! Oh well roll on September I can’t wait!
Sorry again for a less than in-depth analysis but with the new job and late hours I have really struggled to fit in the time to watch the shows never mind blog about them. Since New Girl and The Vampire Diaries have now finished for the summer I will do more movie and product reviews, I have a holiday blog coming up that I will explain later this week, I might blog about True Blood once it starts up again in June and I will probably blog more about my day to day life as well once I get the chance and get settled in at work.
Until next time TTFN Ta-Ta for Now x


  1. New Girl is the besttt show!

    1. I love it! Also I read today that the producers and cast all know that Jess and Nick will get together but they are just keeping us waiting! Roll on Season Two!