Friday, 4 May 2012

New Girl: Backslide

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Sorry for the late upload of the New Girl recap this week, I had a lot of university things to sort out for next year. I also had to see friends from home for the first time in months, hunt down a biscuit barrel for my mum (don't ask!), vote in the local elections and it was my birthday! It’s safe to say I have been majorly stressed out! But now my uni stuff is sorted out and I’m finished with birthday celebrations I am back to good old blogging (yay!)

This week saw the return of Paul, Jess' slightly dorky but loveable ex, but was he as loveable this time round? No he certainly was not!
Doing the walk of shame...
After spending the night with Jess (maybe even taking advantage of her in her depressed post-Russell state) we found out that Paul was actually in a very serious relationship with the Asian version of Jess! Naturally Caucasian Jess was pretty annoyed when she found out she had been used which certainly didn’t help her to move on from her break-up from Russell.
Caucasian and Asian Jess
Jess was torn over what she should do. Should she tell Jen (Asian Jess) that she had slept with Paul or leave them to sort things out by themselves? In the end Jess decided that it was best to come clean leaving Jen devastated.
After mutual ‘smile-cry’ by Jen and Paul, Jess came to realise that those two were perfect for each other. She helped to patch up their relationship which ended up with Paul proposing to Jen (a rather strange thing to do in front of your ex-girlfriend).
The slightly awkward proposal.
Caroline, unfortunately, is still hanging around, annoying the flat family and dating Nick. What makes her presence worse is that while she was apartment hunting, she suggested to Nick that they should move in together, which Nick agreed to.
It was a pretty big fire place...
The guys stepped in to show Nick a DVD he made the last time that he broke up with Caroline attempting to convince his future self to never get back with her, but even this didn't seem to work and Nick appeared to be even more determined to leave the loft (let's hope the gang can convince him not to in next week’s season finale).
There was no escape for Nick.
Poor Schmidt, or should we say poor little Schmidt. He is still in a lot of pain from his little adventure with Cece’s flatmate and was desperately trying not to let little Schmidt, shall we say, ‘get happy’. Cece being the brilliant girlfriend that she is switched her designer clothes for baggy jumpers and knitted hats in an attempt to make herself look less attractive.
Needless to say this didn’t work and instead of being turned on by Cece’s good looks, Schmidt was instead turned on by the emotional intimacy of discussing their future together, so much so that he actually passed out while visiting her grandmother in a care home (not a brilliant way to make a first impression).
I'll just have a little nap here...
The accompanying story of this episode was Winston’s decision to get his ear pierced. He then went through the entire episode changing his earrings much to the delight of his friends who called him every name under the sun. My personal favourite definitely had to be Captain Black Sparrow, provided to us by Schmidt.
Captain Black Sparrow himself.
As the episode drew to a close, Jess rushed to tell Nick the news of Paul’s engagement and give him advice on his situation with Caroline. This was one of my favourite scenes, possibly of the entire season, as you could see how much Jess cared for Nick which was really sweet.
Now I don’t usually quote episodes but Jess’ inspirational line from the final couple of minutes is sure to be repeated for years to come:
“If you really love someone, it’s simple.”
Some advice for you kids to think about there, now where was I? Oh yeah. Unfortunately after Jess’ advice Nick went and ruined the moment by revealing that he had signed the lease on an apartment with Caroline and he will be leaving the flat forever.
Next week’s season finale is hopefully going to see Nick change his mind and stay in the loft where he and Jess will get married, have kids and grow old together. Too much to hope for? Well maybe a little. I suppose I could settle for Nick breaking-up with Caroline and carrying on living with the gang but we’ll have to wait until next week to see what’s in store.
Well I’m off to have a cup of tea and watch some Alan Carr.
Until next week TTFN Ta-Ta for Now x

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