Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Girl: Tomatoes

In this episode of New Girl we find poor Nick feeling like a large number of us do, looking around to see all of our close chums happily paired up in loving relationships, while we spend our time thinking up the names of the 17 cats we will most likely grow old with.
It seems that while New Girl is first and foremost a comedy it actually has grown to be more of a comedy drama that handles a lot of real life issues and thankfully puts a funny twist on them to make us feel slightly better about our situations.
I’m afraid to say while watching this episode of New Girl I found myself drawing far too many parallels with Nick. Most people would find his idea of turning his affections to vegetables quite hilarious; I on the other hand have already gone through this process with my little sunflower, Sunny (original, I know).
"Who wants tea?"
I can relate to how Nick feels. I live in a flat in Edinburgh with four other girls, two in a happy long-term relationship, one single girl like me and one flatmate who is Chinese and speaks very little English so I can barely ask her if she would like a cup of tea, never mind asking her relationship status. Come to think of it I haven’t seen for about six weeks, I should maybe go check on her…
So while me and my single flatmate sit in the kitchen at night watching Love Actually and eating Ben and Jerry’s out of the tub (usually with only one spoon as we haven’t done the washing up) our other flatmates pop in and out with their boyfriends looking happy and having a wonderful time.
It is at this moment that we decided to get a pet to prove that we could look after something other than ourselves (which we barely manage anyway). Enter Sunny, a grow-your-own sunflower kit aimed at children that we bought at the local supermarket. After carefully reading the instructions on how to look after him and managing to almost drown him in the kitchen sink, we had our little sunflower seeds planted and ready to start germinating.
And here he is now:

The fabulous view from my kitchen window...

Yes we have almost managed to grow our own little sunflower! Whether or not he manages to bloom is another story but never mind that he’s alive!
Anyway, back to New Girl where we find out that these apparently happy relationships are unfortunately going through a bit of a rough patch. Cece and Schmidt start of this episode clearly still shaken up from their recent pregnancy scare and decide to call it a day, which leads to painful yet hilarious consequences for poor Schmidt who is determined to prove a point by dating Cece’s rather abrupt Russian flatmate. Thankfully by the end of the episode they have both realised how cute they are together and decide to kiss and make up, which does nothing to help little Schmidt’s pain!
However, it seems that it’s not so rosy for Jess and Russell (AKA Gavin from Friends) with the re-appearance of his ex-wife causing quite a stir between the pair. It was easy for anyone to see the passion that still connects the divorcees which led Jess to one of the most awkward attempts of seduction to grace our screens. The odd couple may yet face another uphill battle with Jess’ ex-boyfriend Paul coming back for next week’s episode if the rumours are true. I don’t know about you but I don’t see Jess and Russell making it to the seasons end.
Unfortunately they weren’t the only couple who look set to break up, Nick and his poor tomatoes appear to be doomed as he abandoned them and got back together with his rather unpopular ex-girlfriend Caroline. I would have been more annoyed about this if it hadn’t led to a rather hot argument between Nick and Jess, future couple? Let’s hope so!
And there we have it my first round up of New Girl with a slight diversion into my life along the way. Let me know what you think in the comment section below and keep reading My Wee Bonnie Blog for more reviews, round-ups and rambles.
Until then TTFN Ta-Ta For Now x

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  1. After reading this weeks Watch With Kristin it appears that Jess and Russell did actually break up and not just talk their relationship over, my bad x